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Look, here’s a crappy drawing I made:

Pictured: A man.

Pictured: A man.

It’s not modern art or anything. It just looks crappy because I’m a terrible artist.

Let’s look at this drawing. Except for that raging penis I drew, it looks innocent enough. And I only drew that penis so you’d see it’s a man. I’ll admit that made me giggle a little.

If anything, my drawing is immature but otherwise harmless, perhaps even amusing to a four year old.

Now, let’s use this same drawing and create mayhem:

Pictured: Mohammed.

Pictured: Mohammed.

Same picture, same drawing, different caption. That’s right, I drew Mohammed.

So…am I in trouble now? After all, Muslims tend to be among the fiercest art critics when it comes to images of Mohammed. This last decade saw numerous riots ignited by Mohammed cartoons.

I honestly don’t know enough about Islam to ridicule it. But I do know enough about the world to question it.

I spent the last 66 years on Earth. I learned a couple of things during my stay here. One of them is that religion is not a cause for extremism. Man is. Religion is a means for those who wish to aggress.
Trust me. Have someone read this post a hundred years from now. Odds are it’ll be read by a Muslim transsexual in a loving relationship with a Christian lesbian, both united in their War on Scientology.

Who knows, maybe this will be the face of evil in 2114.

Who knows, maybe this will be the face of evil in 2113.

Put simply: those looking for a target will always find a cause. These days that cause is often Islam. Hundred years from now people will have found something else to fight for.

At present there are about 1.6 billion Muslims on this rock. If Islam itself was a threat, white people would’ve been fucked by now.

Still, there is something about Islam that baffles me: why can’t I make fun of it? What is it about Islam that prevents people from ridiculing it?

I’m not a big fan of Christianity, but at least I can say the pope harbors pedophiles, spreads AIDS and wears a dress. Also, his testicles probably have more texture than a walnut. If I say the pope secretly masturbates to Lady Gaga’s ‘Born this way’, I might even get an angry letter from Rome, explaining the pope only masturbates to the sound of choir boys.
People might agree or disagree, be offended or ambivalent. Or they might be slightly amused upon hearing said choir boys were forced to sing a classical rendition of ‘Born this way’.

Either way, whatever I say about the pope, Jesus or god, it doesn’t really matter.

Yet if I’d say similar things about Mohammed, thousands of people could take to the streets, burning this blog (whatever that would look like).

Is it me, or is that just odd?

I believe the very nature of humor should allow it to offend. Those who don’t like it are always welcome to look the other way.
What is it about Islam that shields it from ridicule? Why can’t I draw a little Mohammed cartoon? Say what you will about the pope, but he welcomes all little boys, regardless of their religion. He might force himself upon them, but hardly his religion.

People might think it’s easy to have a go at the pope. Others may believe it never hurts to point out how much the Catholic Church has done to hurt children. Yet when people point out that Mohammed had an affair with a nine year old girl, discourse often loses at the expense of aggression.

Why? What is it about Islam and Mohammed in particular? Wouldn’t the internet be a funnier place if the occasional Mohammed meme would pop up? And wouldn’t humor be a great way to break the ice and ease tensions?

And wouldn’t Islam come off as more confident if it could shrug off jokes at its expense?

Seriously, why can’t we mock Mohammed? I really didn’t come to planet Earth to offend 1.6 billion people, but where’s the fun in not being allowed to crack a few jokes about them?

Ah well, in the end it doesn’t really matter. After all, a hundred years ago European countries weren’t exactly each other’s BFF’s. The reasons for World War I seem kinda ridiculous now. My guess is in another hundred years people will have a hard time imagining society got caught up in a cartoon.

Until that time, I simply don’t take religion seriously enough to get fatwa’ed over. Allow me to show you the full picture:

Pictured: My rendition of Mohammed Ali fighting Sonny Liston in 1964's sport event.

Pictured: My rendition of Mohammed Ali fighting Sonny Liston in 1964’s sport event. Indeed, Mohammed would prove to be the bigger dick.

Enjoy your journey, but beware of trusting your child in the hands of Mohammed, for he has Parkinson’s disease.