The Super Secret Diary of a Young Dictator


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Hello everybody,

For well over a year this site featured the ramblings of me, a beaver, the Roswell alien and Kim Jong-un.

And then Satire Nation quite literally disappeared off the charts.

So what happened?

I wrote a book. That’s what happened.

More precisely, I expanded on the concept of writing Kim Jong-un’s diary.

For those of you who have trouble remembering: This blog used to be a platform where Kim Jong-un posted the inner workings of his mind. His diary entries started out as spoofs that shamelessly capitalized on Kim Jong-un’s image: A spoiled child who eats Oreos for breakfast and executes those that want some too.

As I learned more about North Korea and its chubby leader I eventually got to know the real Kim Jong-un.

When I plotted out all the facts and events I could find about the dictator’s life, specifically his first two years as Supreme Leader, I saw it was a story to be told.

Not the story of a caricature, but the story of the real person that is Kim Jong-un.

As I pieced together all the information I could find I discovered that Kim Jong-un, despite being an evil dictator that oppresses people for a living, is a human being too. A human being in search of a human connection.

The fruit of my efforts is this book:

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While still a work of satire I dare to argue it’s the most extensive psychological profile of Kim Jong-un in existence.

The Super Secret Diary of a Young Dictator attempts to give evil a human face. Shocking, funny and even relatable, this book is a cry for freedom coming from the person who fears it the most.

If you want to learn more about this book, you’re welcome to visit It also contains a blog in which I write letters to Kim Jong-un, telling him his diary is for sale.
And if you’re interested in discovering the real diary, it’s available on Amazon, both as ebook and paperback.

I’m really not sure if this post will still reach anyone after having been absent for more than a year. Regardless, I’d like to thank the people that followed this blog, in particular those that responded so enthusiastically to the Kim Jong-un posts that laid the foundation for this book.

I hope Kim Jong-un will read it someday. If he does, he owes it in part to you, the people that read his diary first.

Thank you.